Our company was founded in 1948 in Soemon-cho , Osaka, which conveys the essence of Naniwa.

Japanese sweets draw on the principles of beauty and the passing of the seasons just like art, culture, and cuisine. Traditional Japanese sweets, known as “wagashi”, are also made with these principles in mind. Wagashi originated as small treat for the Japanese imperial family and nobility to enjoy with a cup of bitter "matcha" green tea. Over time, the “wagashi” developed into a variety crafted works of food art.

It requires the refined hands of an artisan to draw out the essence of each season through color and shape.

Wagashi are often fashioned into shapes from nature, such as flowers, fruit and leaves. They include seasonal ingredients, such as cherry blossom leaves in the springtime and chestnuts in the fall. Although sweet, wagashi generally use less sugar than western sweets, giving them a refined flavour that pairs excellently with green tea. There are many types of wagashi, please enjoy this this site and if you are interested in wagashi, I welcome you to visit my shop.

Fukujudo-HIdenobu is located in Soemon-cho, Osaka, Japan.
It is a city that is close to Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi and Namba and visited by many visitors from overseas.

Besides this store, there are 20 stores in Osaka Tezukayama Main Store and famous department stores. In addition, we sell as souvenir at stand of railroad station.

Cafe "Toki"

Our products are made from the best high-quality ingredients, in the spirit of Japanese desserts represented as elevated peasant food. We hope that by enjoying our delicious products we have enriched your day.